Education Regulatory Compliance

Public Education is regulated by a combination of complex laws, rules and regulations. Pingora Consulting has the ability to assist agencies in moving beyond compliance to focus more attention on creating an environment for improved student outcomes.

Click here for the current IDEA Regulations. Click here for the 2006 Regulations wth Comments. 

Special Education

With the myriad of federal regulations, state rules, and legal decisions, special education is regarded as one of the most complex aspects of public education. Let Pingora Consulting help your organization make sense of the requirements and move beyond mere compliance to practices that truly contribute to improved student outcomes. Pingora offers an extensive variety of training, technical assistance, and system review/improvement activities that can be tailored readily to meet the specific needs of your state or school district.

State Level: Our team has years of experience in creating and refining general supervision systems that meet IDEA requirements and stakeholder expectations. In careful consultation with your leadership team, we can hone your agency’s approach in a number of ways, including:

  • Policy, procedure, and guidance development
  • Assistance with the development of your State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)
  • Revisions to your State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR)
  • Specific SPP indicator analyses and drill-downs of state data
  • Preparation for OSEP verification visits
  • Statute and rule drafting

Local Level: Our consultants will not only increase your staff members’ knowledge, we will assist them in developing practical strategies for putting that knowledge into action. Pingora professionals regularly deliver exceptional technical assistance and training to local agencies throughout the U.S. on topics including the following:

  • Training for local directors of special education (Director’s Academy)
  • Skill development for case managers and IEP team leaders (Boot Camp)
  • Drill-downs of school district and individual school data
  • File reviews and student-specific technical assistance
  • Fiscal questions and guidance

General Education

State and local education agencies are increasingly asked to tackle new and dynamic issues to help all students achieve better educational results. Pingora Consulting will help you meet these challenges head-on by ensuring your staff members have a solid understanding of these subjects and how to deal with them effectively within your organization’s unique cultural context. We offer up-to-date, thorough technical assistance and training on the following topics and look forward to meeting your needs through on-site and virtual support:

Bullying: One of the hottest topics in today’s education landscape, bullying requires action. Protect your organization, students and stakeholders by having Pingora Consulting assist your agency with:

  • Understanding federal, state, and local requirements
  • Developing and revising of state statutes and rules
  • Developing state and local policies and procedures
  • Responding to bullying allegations appropriately
  • Managing school discipline for students with and without disabilities

Seclusion and Restraint: Safety is always a priority. When safety requires the use of seclusion or restraint, be prepared. We have successfully assisted states and school districts with the following:

  • Development of state rules
  • Development of local policies and procedures
  • Role-specific training for administrators, certified and classified staff
  • Development of guidance documents and model forms

Section 504: One of the most wide-reaching, yet misunderstood federal requirements, Section 504 involves supports for students with disabilities who qualify for protection. Pingora Consulting can provide clear guidance and technical assistance on:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Guidance document and forms development
  • Fiscal implications of Section 504
  • Navigating disputes and working with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

Law & Policy

Pingora Consulting understands the pressure placed on school districts to comply with special education requirements while ensuring positive results for students with disabilities. Laws and policies provide the structure to support and guide your system. We offer unique services to support educational systems:

Statute and Rule Drafting: Whether your system labors under an outdated legal framework, or you are preparing to draft new laws, rules, or policies, Pingora professionals possess proven legal and practical expertise to help build a practical and sustainable legal framework. We offer:

  • Expert legal drafting
  • Facilitation of stakeholder input
  • Coordination with executive decision-makers
  • Public dissemination

Policy Development: Policies and procedures are implementation tools. Policies need to be clear, specific, and understandable. We can help through:

  • Policy checks to align with regulatory requirements
  • Expert legal drafting
  • Customized procedure manuals
  • Implementation guidance

Litigation Consultation: Pingora Consulting will thoroughly review and assess your position in an actual or anticipated dispute, working with your team to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your position, best and worst possible outcomes, and resolution or litigation strategies. With our guidance, you can proceed with much greater confidence by honing your litigation strategy. Consider:

  • File reviews to assess potential vulnerabilities
  • Strategy sessions with your system’s legal counsel
  • Plain, straightforward guidance on when to settle
  • Hearing and testimony preparation

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