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Facilitation and Mediation are powerful tools.

Special Education Facilitation

Why facilitation? It is a powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of IEP team meetings for students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Facilitation reduces disagreement and improves outcomes for students with disabilities. Facilitation of the IEP process helps increase participation of all team members, resolves disagreements early, and preserves the working relationship of the IEP team. Highly trained facilitators support the team and others around them to do their best thinking and planning. Help your teams be solution focused and proactive with facilitators trained in the most progressive consensus-building techniques.

Pingora Consulting offers a 3-Day Special Education Facilitation Certificate Course, with follow-up coaching & mentoring. This course is a hands-on skills training. Expect to learn and practice facilitation skills, leaving facilitators confident and well prepared to assist IEP teams. Special education content is woven throughout the course, providing participants with insight and experience facilitating IEP teams on behalf of special education students.

Who should attend? Any staff interested in improving the IEP team process. Becoming a certified facilitator is a commitment, and facilitators should expect to be in demand, both within their district and throughout the education community.

Special Education Mediation

Why mediation?  The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that states make mediation available to parties to resolve any type of special education dispute.  The IDEA also requires that special education mediators also have expertise in special education law.  Providing parents and schools with access to this powerful early dispute resolution tool with IDEA trained and skilled mediators means settlement and preservation of a working relationship in a large majority of cases!

Pingora Consulting offers a 40-hour Special Education Mediation Skills Certificate Course.  This course is a one-of-a-kind, 40-hour mediation skills course intended to certify mediators who are ready to assist parents and schools resolve disputes involving students with disabilities.  By embedding critical special education content into a mediation skills course, our unique approach prepares professionals to mediate disputes in the complex realm of the IDEA.

Who should attend?  Professionals interested in becoming special education mediators.  Our goal is to develop trained mediators with particular expertise in special education.  This training will qualify mediators to serve on state rosters as IDEA dispute resolution professionals, and most importantly, to help improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

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