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Lenore Knudtson


Lenore Knudtson

Lenore Knudtson’s career has been shaped by her diverse experiences, and these experiences have guided her on many paths. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Science in Education, Ms. Knudtson began her career as a school psychologist working with school teams, parents, and children. This ignited a passion for special education and improving the lives of children and young adults with disabilities.

Ms. Knudtson’s journey led her to law school. She earned a Juris Doctor degree with honors from William Mitchell College of Law while working full-time as a psychologist with significantly challenged young adults. After law school, Ms. Knudtson began a new career involving special education law and substantive compliance. Working with states, school districts, parents, and advocates across the nation has provided a Ms. Knudtson with opportunities for career enjoyment far exceeding her expectations.

Currently, Ms. Knudtson’s career has culminated in a rich blend of issues focusing on education and dispute resolution. She is certified as a mediator, and serves as a mediator, complaint investigator, and hearing officer in several states. Ms. Knudtson provides professional development in education and dispute resolution, and speaks to audiences across the nation. In 2012, Ms. Knudtson joined with Stephanie Weaver to create Pingora Consulting, LLC, offering an array of services focusing on education, dispute resolution, systems building, and legal compliance.